I arrange and colorize pixels in structured patterns to entice audiences to perform specific actions. In other words, I design pretty stuff that generates a lot of money for my clients.

Hi, my name is Sichon, and I design.

I’m a senior level talent, specializing in marketing, graphic design, usability and conversion for screen displays. With close to 20 years of experience in the creative design field >> from traditional ad agencies, to web startups and online/offline publishing, I have a solid foundation of knowledge that helps me execute successful concepts and solve problems through design for international level clientele. I’ve managed teams, and I’ve ‘cowboyed’ it alone. I’m a good communicator, and I play well with others.



My work experience started in general advertising in Boca Raton, Florida where I spent my first two years out of art school working as a studio production artist, and then later a junior level art director for Daniels & Roberts Advertising. From there I spent close to a year working as a senior designer for an internet startup in 1997 called InterZine, a publisher of online sports magazines. This is where I switched from general advertising, to the interactive design side of the industry, and that experience allowed me to move to Boston in 1998 to become a senior art director for the interactive division of Ingalls Advertising (which at the time was the oldest advertising agency in Massachusetts). At Ingalls, I led the design and helped deploy a half million dollar broker extranet project for John Hancock Funds, as well as other projects and pitches that include names like MTV, CompUSA, Marshalls, and Radisson Hotels. In 1999 I moved my family back to Florida to work for another startup consultancy called Fusive.com as an Senior Art Director. At Fusive.com, I had the opportunity to work on clients like Sony Latin America, Lehman Brothers, and Credit Suisse First Boston.

Some brands I've worked with...


In the later part of 2001, the tech industry was taking a well documented slide into an abyss, and it was also around that time that I found myself without a job. That was also the year I bought this domain and incorporated my own freelance business. I did pretty well right away because of my close ties to project leads at Sony Latin America, so I was fortunate to continue my working relationship with them by securing redesigns for some of their product mini-sites. I continued freelancing for a couple of years, and forged partnerships with other small consulting boutiques like theConversionGroup and EchoMedium. In 2004, I got the opportunity to work for eDiets.com as a Senior Art Director, which provided me to be exposed to new ranges of expertise, like conversion optimization and usability.

With the real estate market reaching it's peak, hurricanes decimating our summers in 05'-06', losing our power for 16 consecutive days during Hurricane Wilma, roof and structural damage — we finally decided as a family to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. BOALT Interactive offered me an opportunity to work with them as their Creative Director on a full-time basis remotely. During that time since, we worked on projects for Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts, Unisa Shoes, and started a successful passport expediting company.

In the fall of 2012, I decided to go back to working as a freelancer so I could expand my opportunities and my portfolio. If you have ideas, I can help you visualize them. I'm excited about establishing new relationships and new connections.


I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1995 with a degree in Visual Communications, along with graduating with the distinction of winning "Best Portfolio" from the voting faculty and staff.

Spent a full day workshop with Edward Tufte in Boston, Massachusetts reviewing the concepts in his published works on visual information display.


My ethnic background is Thai. My parents both immigrated to Washington D.C. in 1970 (reason for my allegiance to the Washington Redskins). My father is actually half Indian, so if we met in person, you wouldn't be looking at a typical asian looking Thai — I actually look more Hawaiian — add to the fact that I stand just over 6 feet and 200 lbs. I've been married to my high school sweetheart since 1996, too bad I wasn't her sweetheart in High School, but I tend to end up getting what I want over time :) We have 3 great kids together all nicely spaced apart by 3 years. I'm a practitioner of Hayastan Submission Grappling for over six years — a blend of Russian Sambo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. I'm big into Mixed Martial Arts, if I was 18 again I'd probably be training to become a cage fighter. I'm comfortable in a kitchen, my parents owned a Thai restaurant for 18 years, so I picked up some skills, although nothing beats Mom's Pad Thai. Nothing. Oh, and I love video games... I wish I had more time to burn on Xbox Live. Currently making a suburban lifestyle for myself in Indian Trail, North Carolina, which is situated just outside of Charlotte wishing there were good bagels here to be had.


View my extensive portfolio samples. This is an image intensive page-load, you've been warned. I wouldn't try it on a phone.

View my extensive portfolio samples. This is an image intensive page-load, you've been warned. I wouldn't try it on a phone.

// Freelance Creative Director. 
// Web designer.
// Information architect.
// Usability engineer.
// Really good cook.
// Loving husband.
// Father of three.
// Golfer if it's warm.
// Redskins fan.
// Hayastan Grappling, Level 1
// Video gamer.
// Premium vodka drinker.